A fan that stays pointed at you as you move


Person Tracking

While in person-tracking mode, the user is detected and the fan rotates to stay pointed at them, even when they move.

Smart Sleeping

The fan motor is automatically put to sleep when no one is around to save energy. When a person returns, the fan will detect them and quickly wake up and continue operation.

Sturdy Construction

Following Fan is built to be durable with aluminum blades and a steel frame to handle all sorts of rough environments.


Improve Comfort

Work is hard, don’t make it harder. Following Fan is your new favorite coworker. Avoid dripping sweat and guzzling water by enjoying a steady stream of air as you move. Following Fan doesn’t mind long hours and is created for people who work hard.

Save Money

Why spend your money on multiple fans when you can buy just one? Following Fan helps save money by reducing the number of fans needed for a space by focusing the air on the user. Additionally, the smart sleeping feature saves on electricity costs associated with running fans 24/7. Leave the room and don’t worry about the bill.

Increase Productivity

Stifling heat means sluggish movements and a foggy head. Following Fan increases productivity by providing a continuous and refreshing breeze. While it's tracking you, you won't have to stop your flow to fiddle with your fan.

How It Works

Following Fan uses our patent-pending technology to sense the environment and automatically rotate to stay pointed at the user. A camera embedded into the center of the fan grill works in conjunction with a powerful onboard computer to detect the location of people in real time using an advanced computer vision algorithm. Then, the computer sends commands to the integrated brushless motor to rotate the fan to point at the user.

In tracking mode, Following Fan automatically tracks the closest person to the fan. When the tracked user leaves the area, the fan will scan it's 135° range of motion to find the next closest person. If no one else is around, the fan will automatically go to sleep to save energy. The fan will continue to sense the environment and will wake up when someone returns.

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